Hi, Welcome to Authentic Shan. Need ready-made sauces and creative ideas for delicious meals? This is where you’ll find authentic Peranakan Nonya Sambal Belachan and a popular selection of delicious spicy chilli sauces & Dips that are highly versatile in their uses. Let me inspire you to try out new dishes using my gourmet quality sauces. Their uses are as wide as your creativity! A variety of the offerings are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.


As the name hints, Authentic Shan’s products are authentically natural. That means no pesticides, no msg, no preservatives. Who wants to be eating pesticides? As I care particularly about eating safely & healthily, I ensure that all raw vegetables that I use for making the sauces undergo a process of removing harmful pesticides & herbicides.


I also cook the chilli-based sauces so that they can last for a longer period of time. These sauces have come in so handy for me many a time when I need to put together a meal at short notice. They are a life-saver for last-minute meals. Keep a variety of these sauces conveniently in the fridge; you’ll never regret it.


The main ingredient, chillies are also sourced directly fresh from farms. To get the best taste, a good rule is not to compromise on freshness and good quality ingredients.


Connect with me for free recipes which you can expand on your own repertoire of favorite dishes using my sauces.


Have you often wished to be able to prepare delicious, mouth-watering, appetite-whetting Asian dishes but don’t know how to start? Perhaps the long list of spices and herbs needed to make a good base sauce instantly de-motivates you? What if I told you that here you can find what you need in a jar, ready to be enjoyed? No stressful mess in your kitchen, no strong pungent smells of spices lingering in your home during the preparation of your sauces. All that has been taken care of…”All Done for You”.

All the products that I produce contain nothing artificial…no msg, no coloring, no fillers, NO PRESERVATIVES. 100% natural.

And most importantly, you will be assured that my sauce products undergo a stringent preparation of removing harmful pesticides and herbicides as a critical first-step. More about that later…

We remove harmful pesticides and herbicides from our fresh chillies & herbs.

Only the freshest ingredients are used!

Did you know that in order to protect their harvest, farmers use strong pesticides & herbicides to keep pests away. These pesticides are oil-based so that they will cling onto the produce and cannot be washed away by the rains. Oil and water don’t mix! As a result, simply washing vegetables in water do not remove the oil-based pesticides. We prepare all our raw chillies and other vegetables by a process of removing all pesticides before they can be used. You are assured of the highest quality products from Authentic Shan, that are chemical-free! Zero pesticides, zero MSG, zero preservatives. 100% Natural. Isn’t that great? Consume with confidence!

Take the stress out…

Using store-bought sauces often means your dishes would include harmful Pesticides & chemicals. Authentic Shan’s sauces are all natural…100%!


Using our gourmet sauces, you can turn out many tantalizing dishes using the sauce…ask for the free recipes here…

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